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February 6, 2008

OMB Decision - Shocking and Outrageous!

Much to our surprise, we have been advised this afternoon that the OMB has approved Dunpar’s rezoning application in its entirety. KRAPP has only just received the OMB's decision (copy attached) and are now reviewing it in detail. The OMB's Order respecting Dunpar's site plan application has been withheld to allow the City and Dunpar six weeks to finalize the conditions to be imposed upon the site plan's approval.

The Board of Directors of KRAPP is shocked and outraged at this decision and at this junction we are immediately exploring all possible options.

KRAPP is presently in discussions with its lawyer and planning consultant respecting the reasoning employed by the OMB in reaching its decision. From an initial review, it appears that the decision contains legal errors upon which an appeal to the Courts may be well-founded. A final determination as to whether to appeal or have reviewed this OMB decision will be made by KRAPP within the next two weeks.

Additionally we have contacted Councillor Peter Milczyn arrange a meeting to discuss the City of Toronto's role in any next steps. KRAPP will be formally requesting that the City appeal the OMB decision and protect the Kingsway against Over Development.

We will keep you advised.