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Over 1,400 Kingsway residents signed a petition in 2007, presented it at Toronto City Council, and on it, asked Dunpar Developments to respect the Dundas Avenues Study and follow the Study's recommendations and guidelines in their condominium proposal at Prince Edward Drive and Dundas Street West.

The October 23rd issue of the Etobicoke Guardian covered the Dunpar Condominium Development decision at the OMB (to approve their appeal for a seven storey condominium) and the subsequent decision at the Superior Court to not grant a second OMB hearing.

Mr. Giancos, a representative from Dunpar Developments was quoted by the Guardian that there had been a 'settlement offer' turned down by the City and community - with lost 'community benefits'.

This is not true, and a correction from Mr. Giancos or Dunpar Developments, to the Kingsway community would be appreciated.

While meetings did occur, and potential compromises were discussed, a formal offer to the City or one that could have been taken back to the community for their input, did not occur.  If Dunpar had presented a formal offer, the City of Toronto solicitor would have been obligated to present it to City Council for their consideration. Dunpar never formally made a 'settlement offer' to either the City of Toronto or to KRAPP (Kingsway Residents Against Poor Planning).

The Kingsway community would like to take Mr.Giancos at his word, and also believe his comments that Dunpar doesn't intend to any further development of investment properties it owns in the neighborhood, but in light of his other comments, should we believe Dunpar?

It's unfortunate that even after Dunpar has succeeded in having the OMB overturn the will of the Kingsway residents, the recommendations of the City Planning Department, and the decision of Toronto City Council that they chose to distort the facts about the process and discussions held with the City Planning Department and KRAPP.

Dunpar is hoping to build and be a part of our community.  We are not sure that their statements are sincerely indicating that. KRAPP has never been opposed to balanced development but we are against poor planning and over development.

Moving forward it is our hope to work with neighbors and developers to preserve the Kingsway.


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